Tips and tricks

Customer Guideline has been developed to allow our customers to access all specific information about Master products they need. The guide provides details on aspects such us installation, operation or construction of Master heaters, dehumidifiers and air conditioners.
  • How to choose

    How to choose

    Useful tools for choosing a right device. Power calculators enable our customers to check what kind of heater, dehumidifier or air conditioner they need for a specific application.
  • Heating


    This guide includes tips and notes concerning mobile and stationary heaters produced by Master Climate Solutions. It is to help our customers find any additional information about these kinds of heating devices.
  • Dehumidification


    This guideline is useful for all customers interested in air drying solutions. It provides information how to handle with excessive humidity in the air that can cause undesirable effects.
  • Cooling


    The guideline is dedicated to all customers who use or just want to use coolers and air conditioners. It includes lots of tips and notes which device to choose and why.
  • Bug pest control using heat

    Bug pest control using heat

    In recent years, we have witnessed an increasingly rapid growth of people moving between continents and a growing number of traffic in goods. This has led to the unwanted spread of insects and parasites.
  • Video & multimedia

    Video & multimedia

    Watch and find out more about our company, products and services. Interesting videos showing fields of applications of our products and their main features.

  • Manuals


    We always endeavor to go meet the needs of our Customers. This also applies to making available all necessary information on the operating of the equipment. We allow our Customers to download electronic versions of the operating instructions.