Master heaters used for Red Bull X-Fighters


Organizers of the prestigious motocross event have used Master heaters during track preparation on the Municipal Stadium in Poznań. On the 6th of August 2011, the stadium housed the most well known and spectacular motocross event: Red Bull X-Fighters, with over 40 thousand spectators from all over the world.

For most part of this year’s holiday season the weather was rainy, hence the gargantuan clay and sand racing track had to be dried with Master space heaters. Preparations of the FMX – Freestyle Motocross track took 11 days. In this time, the stadium turf was removed and the entire surface was covered with over 12 thousand tons of sand and clay. However, the capricious weather made the preparations difficult – first planned track tests had to be postponed. For this reason it was decided to use warm air heaters as well.

MAKO company from Przeźmierowo supplied four Master BV 290 oil heaters, 81 kW each, which were used for 5 days straight during the construction of the obstacle course. Additionally, four more devices were on standby in case of heavy rainfall.

The clay which was trucked in was very moist, requiring additional drying so that the track meets all the standards required by the organizers. Parts of the track were dampened on purpose to allow easy shaping of the track features. During the night, the track was covered with a tarp with space heaters working in the spots with the most leakage. During the day, the tarp was removed and the machines were used to dry entire sections of the track. This way, we were able to provide appropriate groundwork for the track’s surface and appropriately shape all the track’s features.

Despite the less than favorable weather conditions the track was completed on time and the racing began as scheduled. The track itself proved to be one of the most interesting in the history of this event.