XL5 - The New Infrared Heater from Master Climate Solutions


In response to market forces, Master Climate Solutions have extended their range of oil fired infrared heaters, and introduce the new XL5 (17 kW) to complement the existing XL9 (43 kW). It is an exciting new addition to the high performance range of oil fired heaters marketed under the “Master” brand name, well known across Europe for value, quality and performance.

Infrared heaters have had a wide appeal to many end-users since their introduction, becoming one of the most effective and efficient forms of heating. Owing to their method of operation, these heaters do not heat the air, but radiate heat towards the target area or object, so that 100% of the heat produced is used effectively, nothing wasted. Another important advantage is that because the heat is radiated rather than blown, no dust is sucked into the heater and blown into the atmosphere, an important consideration in some applications.

The XL9 (43 kW) has become a best seller in the UK, France and Spain where it is used extensively in the manufacture, construction, logistics and farming industries. It is also used in semi-open areas, such as exhibition marquees, outdoor events and concerts, film sets and photo shoots. In applications where the output of the XL9 would be too powerful, the XL5 offers the perfect solution, with all the advantages of the bigger model, but with a smaller heat output.

Detailed information on the Master XL5 can be found here.