Master dehumidifiers help restore Copenhagen from the effects of floods


A huge wave of rainfall that struck Denmark at the beginning of this July caused massive damage in Copenhagen and its suburbs. The water flooded basements and apartments, as high as the first floor, as well as walls and public buildings. Intensive works on removing the effects of this flood are now underway, and Master dehumidifiers are there to help.

Master Climate Solutions have so far received orders for more than 3 thousand dehumidifiers to be used to remove the flood effects in Denmark. The number of devices required shows the scale of damage suffered by Denmark due to heavy rainfall. The dehumidifiers are used to dry buildings, basements and private apartments. They are mostly used by people responsible for maintaining order in the city, as well as the companies that provide cleaning services. Private citizens often try to cope with the problem by themselves, by acquiring proper equipment or employing professionals in removing flood damage and dehumidifying flooded apartments and basements.

Danish companies have shown the largest demand for professional Master DH 44 and DH 62 dehumidifiers and semi-professional DH 751 and DH 771 dehumidifiers. All of these devices are highly efficient (from 40 to 71 l/day) and have huge air flow (from 350 to 850 m3/h). Using these type of devices when removing the effects of floods, makes the process of drying much faster and prevents the development of harmful mould. Thanks to them, the victims of flooding will be able to start renovating the dried buildings much sooner.